Alrawnaq Perfumes



An experience born of a solid determination and originality that goes back to the roots of the Omani Governorate of Dhofar on its founders with ancient experience in the world of Omani perfumes and frankincense, which made it for the language has a passion for mastery and professionalism of implementation

With enthusiastic Omani cadres, we drew a new path in the highest standards of excellence, so we turned the data of the traditional perfume and frankincense industry into a successful experience that ensured in itself the strong position we aspire to, which brought together all the advanced technology in the perfume industry, which helped in the momentum of production and keep pace with the increasing requirements because it relied on the most important factors of success, strength and effectiveness, which is the integration between the originality of the past and keeping pace with the future.

For Al-Rawnaq Perfumes, the perfume industry is no longer a craft, but a passion that manages the helm of success perfectly, through continuous updating of visions and ideas, as well as comprehensive quality control and possession of the latest modern technologies, which professional cadres worked on that formulated creations and enumerated options, so they obtained the highest certificates of excellence, through which they confirmed the extent of commitment to strict regulations for product safety and excellence in the world of perfumery. From the fragrance of the authentic Omani frankincense comes to you the splendor of perfumes

At Al-Rawnaq Perfumes, we understand the fact of high competitiveness to reach leadership and leadership in the world of frankincense, incense, perfumes and incense burners industry, And our attention to the smallest details in order to lead the leadership in everything we offer to our valued customers We strive to harness our expertise and efforts to achieve excellence, diversity, development and luxury in all our products and passionately we strive for everything that distinguishes us as experts in the world of frankincense and good creative in our choices and products that preserve our Omani heritage and our Gulf and Eastern culture

We are proud in Al-Rawnaq Perfumes with our unique Omani heritage and its Gulf heritage, and our goal is one, which is to represent it in its best form, which should take its right to the world. We translate our vision by providing our unique products, each product carries a piece of our heritage and our ancient Omani culture. We always strive to reach the highest levels of excellence, whether it is excellence in quality, uniqueness, privacy, or the way we collect our ideas to take higher levels of competitiveness until we reach the limits of perfection. And the wonderful designs and warm touch and unique imagination is our goal and exceeding the expectations of our people is our goal

At Al Rawnaq Perfumes we strive to achieve excellence Our strategy is to spread Omani and Gulf culture and our great heritage embodied in all our products around the world Every product we have carries from our authentic heritage We go global in search of everything that is rare and with our long-standing experiences that we have gained over several years We offer our distinctive touch only from Al Rawnaq Perfumes and we work to provide the highest quality standards in the perfume industry using natural ingredients, unique scents, wonderful designs and packaging with the highest quality standards